Lora and Louis DePietro, Innkeepers/Owners

This Neoclassical Revival style house was completed in 1907 by Byron Glover who was a cotton broker.  Mr. Glover decided to move to Savannah to seek his fortune in the cotton export business.  He sold the property to James Pope Brown, a planter and politician.

In the mid 1900's  the house was bought by Robert H. Rush who's family lived here until Mrs. Rush sold it to a 20 member investment group in 1989. After renovating the home the investment group opened the "Black Swan Inn and Restaurant".  (Black Swan was named after a steamboat that would travel the Ocmulgee River).  

In 1996 The Black Swan Inn had the pleasure of hosting the Irish equestrian team during the 1996 Summer Olympics.  After the closing of the inn, the property was purchased by Rebecca Sears in 1997.  


Our Journey

In 2012 we  purchased the property from Mrs. Sears and our journey began.  

We knew that this grand house could be very special.  It was our diamond in the rough and so we set out to bring back its grandeur  and put our dream in motion.  

It has taken 2 1/2 years for our dreams to be realized.  We had been continuing our work up north while trying to renovate this beautiful home.  

It wasn't until we moved to GA permanently in June of 2014 that we really put everything together.  From the hand painted ceiling medallions and crystal chandeliers, the warm and cozy wall colors to decorating our home with antique furnishings.

This spring will surely be a world of fun for us as we get all our gardens underway.  I intend to have many flowers to surround our home as well as a vegetable garden that I intend to incorporate into all my cooking.  It cannot get fresher than that. 

We are so excited to finally open our doors and share this beauty with our guests.  I do believe anyone who enters The Butterfly Mansion will go away with a want and a need to return and enjoy more of this beautiful gem.